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A big part of the work I do involves leading weeklong training sessions for people who want to learn to teach Baptiste Yoga, be leaders in their communities, and experience personal transformation. On the surface, these are yoga-teacher training, but really they’re about individuals breaking through to their real power by clearing out whatever is blocking them from being the most natural, authentic expression of themselves and creating an extraordinary life. People come from all over the world—Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, and even Africa—to participate in seven full days of transformational training, boot-camp style. With exercise being so important nowadays, products such as playground equipment would be a welcome find in any Christmas stocking, providing you could fit them in!

But just because the participants have paid their money, have gotten on a plane, and are sitting in their seat or on their mat doesn’t mean that they’re fully committed. Just getting themselves into that training room isn’t always enough to guarantee that they’re fully there. I’ve done hundreds of training, and nearly every time those first three days are like trying to swim through molasses. Right along with their excitement and passion, participants bring their resistance, fears, cynicism, and resignation. Any outdoor area would be made more child friendly with outdoor fitness equipment such as these.

Although people begin having mini breakthroughs right away, it’s usually not until day three when each person experiences a bigger, deeper shift in energy. That’s when we get to one of the most important practices of the week: committing to the program. The students engage in an exercise where they use the power of their word as a commitment to create their reality as possibility. It’s at this pivotal point that the lights start going on and real transformation begins. Children love playing on monkey bars - didn't you when you were younger?

I call this internal commitment “being a yes.” This practice sets the platform for all the others in these paragraphs. Without the inner yes that’s needed to create the context and commitment to transform, it’s as if you never get past the word go. All the other practices will fall flat if you aren’t open to the power that’s available to you by being a yes and taking action with the tools. This is not about positive thinking or sugarcoating anything in feel-good goo. It’s about being confident in your ability to turn difficulty into possibility, upsets into positive energy, and breakdowns into breakthroughs.

Yes, it is an energetic place. When you’re coming from this energy, it alters and impacts the way you see yourself, your life, your thoughts, and your feelings. It shapes your actions right here in the present moment. For example, think about how your view changes and your actions are shaped when there’s a new relationship in your life that excites you. Or when you start planning a dream vacation or learn that you’re getting an exciting, new opportunity at work that will lift you up to a new level. You begin to perceive your circumstances in a new light. Your patterns of thought and emotion align themselves with fulfilling the new pathway that you’re able to now see right in front of you. When being a yes, you’re someone who is standing positively for what’s happening in your life and for what you want to have happen in your future—you’re a person who’s up to something bigger. Yes sets the stage for being of power.